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Throwback Thursday: A Trip Down Memory Lane with Sangria

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Above photo : Refreshing, crisp white wine sangria at Primitivo Wine Bistro in Abbot Kinney, Venice, California. This is the restaurant I give credit to for being the first place I discovered and enjoyed sangria at, while at a nice dinner with my family.

I am not necessarily a wino – but come to this day, I find myself to be a passionate wine connoisseur. My journey with wine is still growing, however. There is a wondrous drink out there that helped birth this journey of mine. And I can’t believe that I was already well into my twenties before I even ever had this amazing and delicious concoction! That concoction would be sangria.

Therefore, in honor of my first #ThrowbackThurday blog post, I dedicate it to sangria!   I have yet to still discover even more gems of sangria at all the restaurants and wine bars out there, but is has been a pleasant experience so far in this journey of mine regardless! I hope you enjoy my visual trip down memory lane.

IMG_2152April 2014. After I just relocated to San Diego last year, I was highly fortunate to discover this amazing wine library and restaurant in one. It is called 100 Wines Kitchen, located in the Hillcrest neighorbood which is home to a vast array of hip eateries and the like. When a good girlfriend of mine Kristen & I discovered this place in search of a good happy hour, I was immediately taken.

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August 2014, Sonoma Wine Garden, Santa Monica, CA. The red sangria did not disappoint.


July 2015. 100 Wines Kitchen. As you can tell, I always go back for more. It has turned into my local favorite.

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July 27, 2015. The Backhouse, West Los Angeles. Who knew sangria could be so enjoyable with sushi?

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