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Check out CourseHorse!

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It’s never too late to learn — wherever you might be in life.

I recently learned about CourseHorse. CourseHorse is an education-focused website with a variety of schools that offer a wide variety of classes. Essentially, they are a company that help providers reach new audiences. Some of their most popular classes are based in lifestyle – among that including in art, photography, life skills, performing arts, tech, and fitness.

Currently, CourseHorse has partnerships with schools in the following cities such as New York, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, & more.

It’s the perfect go-to source if one day you just happen to decide, “Hey, I think I want to learn some French,” or something else inspiring. They help people from everyday walks of life keep learning through a great resource.

Go give them a look!

Classes in Los Angeles


Whether you are done with school and just want to take a couple of specific courses, or want to take classes to get a feel for what you want to go to school to study for, this just might be the source for you!

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