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Gioia’s Room : Contemporary, Sophisticated Fashion Made Easy

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Big retail companies are still such a norm these days, it’s no surprise that thousands of people are still spending and wasting their dollars on cheap, nonsensical clothing. Gioia Marino-Fanelli, an admirable and independent businesswoman, has helped many young women’s dreams of affordable, yet elegant and chic contemporary fashion come true.  She is the proud owner of “Gioia’s Room: A Clothing, Accessory and Art Boutique,” located in the Hillcrest neighborhood of San Diego.

Here is I wearing a super trendy  kimono from the store: JenniferNewYear_062

Marino-Fanelli has wanted to own a boutique ever since she was 19 years old and worked at Nordstroms. Three years ago, Marino-Fanelli and her husband Roldolfo Finelli, had some savings. Two or three months before she opened the store, she saw an open spot for a lease in Hillcrest and took it. Marino-Finelli and her husband did everything for the store in a matter of months. They worked on everything themselves, including the painting of the shop. They only hired a guy to do the fitting rooms.

The inspiration for the style of the boutique is a fun one.  “The style is a Victorian-themed, Marie-Antoinette bedroom,”  said Marino-Fanelli.  The boutique holds fashions that are mostly new pieces, with a touch vintage.  Marino-Fanelli supports local artists as well by including local artwork available for purchase.



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Marino-Fanelli opened the store on April 28, 2012. In the beginning, she only had very little merchandise. She relied on her quick wits and and did her own social media. Buy-sell trade was strongly recommended as the go-to method, and Marino-Fanelli followed suit. She has a wholesaler’s license, where she buys clothing from many different vendors, with a few located in the Fashion District of Los Angeles. Her top three vendors are Audrey, Double Zero, and Mono B. She refers to them as middle-ground brands. They are moderate, yet very trendy and contemporary labels.

The demographic to her store is women the ages 18-38.Yet, she still does have 12 year olds and women her mother’s age come, and she welcomes them to!

Marino-Fanelli makes clients feel like they are number one at all times, and even provides treats and refreshments to make the shopping experience all the more enjoyable. Brooklyn Rouge, a regular to the shop, has many positive things to say. “Gioia has always been an inspiration for me since the first day I walked in. I admired the attention she gave every one of her customers and her professionalism.  Gioia’s Room offers trends for women of all ages and she’s able to help you put together looks you may not know how to put together to make it work for your body, style, or age, ” Rouge said. “Her price points are ridiculously reasonable so everyone can afford it.”

Gioia’s Room now features a new London brand called Glamorous.

A couple of of the dresses from the Glamorous line.  

Gioia’s Room celebrated its’ 3 year anniversary this last April. Marino-Fanelli has  recently renewed her lease as well. She enthuses that she couldn’t be happier with the location in Hillcrest and how her business is currently going.

“It has been important to be a part of the LGBT community.   I love the urban and liberal feel of the community here in Hillcrest,” Marino-Fanelli said.

Gioia’s Room has recently launched a new rewards program called FiveSTARS. It has proved to be a worthy business incentive for both Gioia and clients with its’ very positive turnout so far, which Marino-Fanelli attested for. Customers receive texts messages for different rewards and discounts for their next purchase.


Summer-style, white jumpsuit by brand Audrey3Plus1.

Up next, Marino-Fanelli goal’s include to continue increasing social media, to integrate a POS system and utilize the I-PAD to have a consistently updated lookbook, and last but not least get a brand new website up and running.

“I want this to be a place where women give themselves the freedom to express their own personal style,” Marino-Fanelli says.  “As long as you wear your own look and it’s not wearing you, then you should give yourself permission to rock it.”

Be sure to check out Gioia’s Room! It is located at : 3739 6th Ave, San Diego, California 92103. Free alterations come along with any purchases as a lovely bonus too!

Be sure to check out some of the latest new fashions at Gioia’s Room!


Models Brooklyn Rouge, Cala Page & Luana Ceratti in a recent cameo for CW News. Photo Courtesy of Gioia Marino-Fanelli.

Below, some of Marino-Fanelli’s very own warm and lovely posts through social media that shows that she also cares about making a positive influence on her client’s lives! And and all images below are the property of Gioia Marino-Fanelli.








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